Book | Disney Fairies Hidden World

This Disney book features many interactive elements such as pop-ups, fold-outs, diecuts, pockets and special surface treatments. The premise of the book is that it is Wendy's diary of her adventures with Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. I was given a lot of creative freedom in the design of this book in order to bring it to life. Disney provided all the character art and I designed the remainder of the artwork. The diary contains notes, pressed flowers and other mementos. I scanned actual flowers and leaves (and a child's sock), created hand-drawn title treatments with colored pencil, and even created a page that looked as if it had been torn out, partially burned and sewn back in (because it was). There are many special print treatments throughout the book such as glitter, glow-in-the-dark ink, and a secret code that can only be revealed with the included "fairy magnifying glass".

becker&mayer! | Disney 8x10 inches, 32 pages, full color, hardcover

Role: graphic design, some illustration