Disney Fairy Lanterns

Disney approached us with a request for a Christmas-themed product aimed at younger children. They had just released the Disney Fairies property so I pitched this fairy lantern kit. Disney loved this idea so much they decided to make it a year-round product. Disney created a 24-page illustrated story about the lanterns to be included in the kit. The kit consists of 5 paper lanterns, each representing a fairy's home. A fairy hangs inside each lantern, which in turn hangs from a light on the provided string of lights. I designed each house with a large opening in the front to see the fairy and lantern interior, and intricate windows on each side which cast interesting shadows. Each fairy's house is filled with details that define her personality: tools for Tinkerbell, a watering can for Beck the gardener, etc. I provided Disney with the dieline and mocked up the artwork; illustrators created the final art based on my specifications.

Role: concepting, paper engineering, graphic design