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Two mini (5x6 inch) books for Collectors Press.

What's Your Poison? Addictive Advertising for the 40s — 60s

For this rose-colored retrospective of the advertising machine that hooked a generation on cigarettes and alcohol, I used a color palette of yellow, red, black and white conveys a feeling of danger and the sophistication of yesteryear. The exaggerated half tone texture used for the background conveys the time period. The modern commentary boxes that accompany the ads have been placed in black and white text boxes recalling today’s cigarette warning labels. I designed this book cover to cover.

TV Wonderland, The Enchantment of Early Television

This soft cover miniature book captures the excitement and promise of television in its golden era, specifically through 1950s advertisements. I made sure all of the dividers, frames, and accompanying design elements were true to the time period, to capture the charming exuberance of these ads. Placing the elements against a blue screen with tv scan lines added to the retro feel. I designed this book cover to cover.

Collectors Press
5x6 inches, 176 pages, full color, softcover

Role: graphic design, art direction