Sound To Mountains Bike Ride

Branding for The Levee Breaking's Sound to Mountain bike ride in August of 2010. The anteater was the Levee Breaking's official mascot so I created a stylized version of an anteater and put it on a bike, using a simple monochromatic color scheme. After branding this festival I was asked to redesign their logo based on this design. The bike ride has become an annual event and this same idea is used from year to year, just changing out the dates and style of the anteater on the bike. Posters are available for purchase at the end of the ride, along with branded water bottles, t-shirts and pins. Other applications of this design include a banner atop the live music stage, bus ads, and magazine ads. At various points along the bike route, the anteater on a bike is stenciled onto the pavement to let riders know they're on the right path.

Role: graphic design, art direction, illustration