Torano Car Seat

I designed this packaging for the Torano car seat using Diono's standard color palette of red, white and grey. The rationale for the use of this palette to reinforce the idea that this an upscale product. Role: graphic design Torano has many features never before offered in a car seat such as crash damage indicators, expanding sides, etc. I wanted to highlight these features in a unique way—not the usual bullet points or arrows pointing to the image of the seat. The features become part of the overall design and keeps the buyer's attention focused on the product. I chose photos that have a very positive emotional feel. I used black and white to be consistent with the color palette, let the features stand out, and keep focus on the main image of the seat in the middle. The logos on the top and sides add a stylistic element, using negative space in a playful way.

Role: graphic design, art direction