I had the pleasure of working with Lisa at Diono for over a year. She is a great team player with excellent design skills. She is a talented, creative artist who works great independently but is always there to help out and offer input to her team. She functions well in ambiguous, stressful environments. I needed someone to hit the ground running and she didn’t let me down. Working with Lisa has been a joy and would make a great addition to any design team!

Kathy Laux, Marketing Director, Diono

Lisa = awesome. She's inventive and charming, communicative and organized. She makes bad-ass gorgeous posters (we lose a lot of them postering to random people walking up and asking if they can have one), and is one of our favorite people to work with.

Jesse Perrell, Director, The Levee Breaking

Lisa did a wonderful job on a logo for me. She listened to the feeling I wanted to convey, and came up with a design that is absolutely spot-on. She is a very talented designer and I am delighted with her work.

Mariette Knoblauch, Tax Accountant, Ballard Beancounters

Lisa Douglass is a very talented and versatile designer. Her work on our logos, website and other promotional materials was imaginative and on target. We look forward to working with her again and recommend her without reservation.

Jessie McKenna, ROCKitSpace NPO

Lisa did some wonderful work for our motorcycle club, the Rain City Riders. Based on our input and the intentions and personality of our group, she designed a club logo, then made it available to us using Cafe Press. Her work was creative and insightful, and her response to our club's needs and desires was prompt and knowledgeable. I highly recommend her for permanent, contract, or freelance work.

Beth Scokzen, Founder, Rain City Riders

I've been working on the editorial and production side of book publishing for almost ten years, and I can honestly say that Lisa is the most editorially minded designer I've ever worked with. She's the best of both worlds in that she can deliver an outstanding design while minding tedious details at the same time. And even though there are plenty of other designers locally, I knew she was the best person for creating my company logo (Dame Rocket Press), for which I continue to receive many compliments. Meeting her has truly been a stroke of luck for me, and I will always keep her contact information on hand.

Jen Weaver-Neist, Owner, Dame Rocket Press and former Editorial Manager, Collectors Press

Lisa is a highly skilled, admirably committed, and extremely versatile designer. When the demands are difficult, she remains steadfast and focused, choosing to deliver high-quality—and highly creative—work over flash and drama. Although her communication style is sometimes understated, Lisa routinely demonstrates that her vision and design skills are indeed bold. In addition to being artistically curious and determined to explore new tools, technology, and techniques, she is organized, thoughtful, and highly motivated to work with and mentor others. And when a job or a design puzzle engages Lisa, her work absolutely shines. Hip? Childlike? Sophisticated? Fanciful? Or simply down-and-dirty functional? Whatever the intended feel and audience, Lisa distinguishes herself by developing and delivering a design that fills the bill beautifully. She relies on her wisdom, warmth, and—frequently—her keen wit to get the job done with the style, grace, and true grit that are her professional and personal hallmarks.

Robin Cruise, Publisher of Juvenile Group, beckermayer!

I worked with Lisa at beckermayer!, where she designed a wide range of books, which were often very complicated and challenging. Her work for clients such as Disney and Chronicle Books, demonstrates what a versatile and high-caliber designer she is. In addition to her design abilities, Lisa is extremely knowledgeable about print. As a freelancer, she's dependable, meets deadlines and delivers beautiful work! I highly recommend her. She's great to work with.

Rosanna Brockley, Senior Designer, beckermayer!

Some of the most beautiful books I've worked on are Lisa's creations. Lisa brings an artist's creative eye to her projects, and I've seen her go to extraordinary lengths to make a book look "just right." For beckermayer!, she's designed books in various formats for demanding clients such as Build-A-Bear Workshop, Scholastic, Chronicle Books, Silver Dolphin, and Disney. Several of Lisa's Disney books with interactive features are sold worldwide in translated editions.

Betsy Pringle, Manager, Juvenile Editorial Group, beckermayer!

As Senior Editor in the juvenile department of beckermayer!, I worked with Lisa for many years. She is a skilled designer who specializes in elegant solutions to design challenges. I always knew that my books would benefit from Lisa's expertise, attention to detail, and visual sense. She knows how to make books clear, engaging, and fun, complementing the text, supporting it, and bringing something more to the project than I was able to foresee. Her technical skills are impressive and she spent her scant downtime improving her techniques and refining her collection of Photoshop elements, all with an eye to the next challenge. I would hire her without a moment's hesitation.

Ben Grossblatt, Senior Editor, Juvenile Editorial Group, beckermayer!

Lisa is a very talented designer. She brings a wealth of design know-how to the table. I consider Lisa to be a "chameleon of design"— able to create both rigid, structured formats, and free-flowing, organic design. In all instances the information she has the task of presenting is always clean, clear, and appealing to the eye. Lisa is excellent with tight deadlines and project management. Her eye for form, function and style is inspiring. She is also able to handle high-profile clients with grace and ease. Lisa is also one of the few designers I've worked with who has been blessed with the talents needed to lead a design team. She is able to help a team see things in a new light by way of creative presentations, and concise suggestions. She is constantly learning new design programs and technologies as a way of improving her already extensive skill-set. I highly recommend Lisa for any design work you may have. You will be very happy with the results!

Scott Westgard, Senior Designer, beckermayer!

Lisa is a very talented designer. She has a fresh unique style and has a great knack for finding the voice of her clients while adding some flair. She manages multiple deadlines as well as several different types of projects from packaging to interactive books with removable documents. She is a pleasure to work with and would be a wonderful asset to any team.

Jennifer Marx, Senior Production Coordinator, beckermayer!

As a freelancer, I worked with Lisa on a project recently. I was pleased with her clear direction and prompt responses and answers to all my questions. She clearly enjoys her work and beckermayer! seems like a fun company to work for. I hope to work with Lisa again soon.

Scott Seibel, Freelance Illustrator, Scott Seibel Artist/Illustrator